G.I.A. headquarters is located in

Via Massena 20 - 10128 – TORINO

Barbara Sapino president - 3492872058

Laura Sgarlazzetta secretary - 3474137304



  • As a trade association, GIA Piemonte is not a commercial operator, company or tourist information / service cooperative.
  • Replies will therefore be sent for specific and limited requests to cover services, and once your acceptance of the estimate has been confirmed, we will indicate the name of the available member.
  • For all your other requests we invite you to make direct contact with our associates through the search and selection system on the home page menu under "Who we are". From the drop-down menu click on "List of members", enter the tick mark ✓ for the items that are of interest in the "curriculum" window, then click on "search" to view the results
  • Thanks for your consideration!